Saturday, February 26, 2011

That's What She Said & The Geek In The Pink T-Shirts

A friend from high school requested these in September. I finally got them done in November and shipped them off to him in December. Now here it is February and I'm finally getting around to posting them on here. A January injury slightly delayed that process! I really wanted him to receive them first anyway! (He loved least that's what he told me.)

The "Geek In The Pink" was kind of an accidental thought while shopping. His thought...while I was shopping. We were trying to figure out what color to do the "That's What She Said" T and I came across the pink then. Opted to do a light pink on dark pink. Since we were going all pink on that we went with the not-so-unexpected pearl white on black for the "TWSS."
They were both done using the freezer paper method. Though, I found out - the hard way - that the little small crafting irons are not meant to use with this! They just don't put out enough heat. It does make it easier when you're doing multiple shirts at one time....only one clean-up!!! Now I need to get the ones that I've been procrastinating on for myself.