Saturday, November 19, 2011

Time Redeux

I had an old retro looking clock that the mechanism had gone out on.  I really liked the clock, so I figured it shouldn't be too hard to fix.  I went to JoAnn's and found a $8 (-40% for the coupon) mechanism with a long shank.  Figured that had to be it, since the clock was so thick.  Wrong.  It was so long that the clock wouldn't go back together.  I decided it had to be the shorter one.  So I went back to JoAnn's.  Returned the long shank, got the shorter one (same price, but 50% off coupon this time).  Took it home and the thing hit the glass, thus it wasn't moving time! 

I was in Wal-Mart one night and found this little clock though.  It appeared to have a really short shank.  Plus, the clock was just $4!  No coupon necessary.  I decided to buy it and try it.

I ripped into it as soon as I got home to see if this was the solution.  I pulled the "retro" clock back open and changed one mechanism to the other.  It wouldn't move!  Turns out the the hands were too long!!!  I looked at it for a bit and then after ruling out burning and melting the ends off - little too dangerous and figured the smell wouldn't be good.  I took an electric nail file and filed off the end of the longest hand, rounding it to where no one would even know the difference.  Well, if you look really, really, really might.  But why would you want to?  The good part is that the clock finally worked!!! 

But then there was another issue.  What to do with the $4 leftover clock from Wal-Mart.  Or rather the frame with the glass and paper liner with numbers on it that certainly wasn't much of a clock now.  I had a thought, but then it was making it work that was another issue.  I was going to try to find chalkboard contact paper locally.  It wasn't easy.  I did finally find it at a Hobby Lobby, even after a clerk told us that they didn't carry that.  Actually, they do.  It just didn't have the phrase "contact paper" attached to it.  You have to be so precise when asking for things apparently.  He did direct us to some 12x12 sheets of paper that were also chalkboard surface.  One sheet was $1.99.  A roll of the adhesive paper was $7.99.  It can also be found online, by clicking here.  Okay, so now onto what I did.  I took the new clock that saved my sanity and gave it a new life as a small chalkboard.

I took it back apart and using the glass pressed to the backside of the chalkboard adhesive paper, I marked around, cut it out (duh!), peeled off the backing and stuck it down.  It is repositionable...luckily because I did have to do that a few times.  You may want to have a credit card handy to smooth out any bubbles.  That does cause a problem as well.  Not sure yet where I'll place it.  Right now I just took a quick picture for this post.  It's not the easiest thing to get a photo of with the glare that it causes when the flash hits even the chalkboard.

Note that SOME chalkboard surfaces such as these require that you rub all over it with a piece of chalk to "condition" the surface a few times before first use.  This particular paper took the chalk very well.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tip: Batteries

I always have rechargeable batteries in my camera bag.  At one time, they would end up all over the place and you'd have to put them all through the tester to find out if they were charged or not.  I was in the Wal-Mart cosmetics travel type area when I saw these soap holders in green and red.  Only $0.50 each.  SOLD! 

I now keep good batteries in the green and spent batteries in the red.  (Same with regular batteries when you don't have a place to dispose of them.)  I know when I get home that I'll only have to charge the batteries in the red case.  Problem with that at times is that some rechargeable batteries will only hold a charge for so long and some will only take so many charges.  Thus, I try to leave them until a day or two before I know I'll need them.  (Exception being the new eneloop batteries by Sanyo.  I charged them when I returned home one night near the end of December (Garth Brooks) and didn't use them again until the last week in March (Shawn Camp) and the batteries had held a FULL charge!  They are my new favorite thing because I don't have to worry about whether I've charged batteries.)

Anyway, the cases fit really nicely in my camera bag along with a charger - just in case.  (Some chargers - like the eneloop - have fold down plugs so there is little chance of damage in transport.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bleeding Hearts

I returned from running an errand this morning and found that my bleeding hearts have made their first appearance of the season!!!  I know it's not a crafty thing...technically speaking...but I'm always so happy to see them!

I'd have an entire yard of these things if I could!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

That's What She Said & The Geek In The Pink T-Shirts

A friend from high school requested these in September. I finally got them done in November and shipped them off to him in December. Now here it is February and I'm finally getting around to posting them on here. A January injury slightly delayed that process! I really wanted him to receive them first anyway! (He loved least that's what he told me.)

The "Geek In The Pink" was kind of an accidental thought while shopping. His thought...while I was shopping. We were trying to figure out what color to do the "That's What She Said" T and I came across the pink then. Opted to do a light pink on dark pink. Since we were going all pink on that we went with the not-so-unexpected pearl white on black for the "TWSS."
They were both done using the freezer paper method. Though, I found out - the hard way - that the little small crafting irons are not meant to use with this! They just don't put out enough heat. It does make it easier when you're doing multiple shirts at one time....only one clean-up!!! Now I need to get the ones that I've been procrastinating on for myself.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

Amazingly, I got the "kids" to cooperate for photos. I had picked up some of the Post-It note photo cards in a 4x8 size a couple of years ago on clearance. Not bad for 20 cards with envelopes. They also have double-adhesive post-it strips on the back so receipients can peel them off and stick them wherever - if they're those type of people.

These card kits also come with software, but it was a little too restrictive for me. I ended up finding another software by Hallmark that had the 4x8 printing structure - sometimes hard to find, but I always check for. I was able to score the software on a serious clearance at a Ross' in NC over the summer. I scoured the internet saving any image that I liked that I thought I could possibly use for the background of the card. I also didn't want something that took away from the photos especially knowing I was going to have to cram four of them on there. Admittedly, I did hit some snags and learned to print off in grayscale and on plain paper before loading up the good stuff. Every software and printer has some quirks!

It ended up being one of the more popular cards that I've sent out. The greatest thing was only having to print off the amount of cards I needed and then I could zip off one more when I suddenly remembered someone else. For those that I didn't have mailing addresses on, I had created an electronic card that I simply emailed off or posted like this! Update: Just recently scored some more 20-packs of the cards and envelopes for $1.00! I went back to the store a week or two later and they'd already sold out of them. Great sale!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Pumpkin

I finally got my pumpkin carved for Halloween. I know, it's really late. I haven't done one in a long long long while. WalMart had them on sale about 1 week and a half ago for $2 though and couldn't resist the price! A few days later, another store had the same pumpkins for $3.88. So I guess it's when and where you go!

Since I didn't have a lot of time, I just pulled out one of my pattern books and had a few copies made. Decided on the kitty. Very similar to the one laying on my arm while I type this - and no it's not that easy to type with him sleeping on my arm!

I do still need to carve out a trap door to put my light in and scoop out the gross stuff. But here is a daylight photo for now.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Card - Walking with Friend

The brown has a hard time showing up on my little "staging mat" but it is a brown background card with a circle of red instead of the hot pink that it appears to be.
Supply list:
Paper - Colorbok (card); Keepsake Essentials (red cardstock)
Martha Stewart Circle Cutter
Pencils: KOH-I-NOOR Woodless Color Pencils
Klean-Strip Odorless Mineral Spirits