Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

Amazingly, I got the "kids" to cooperate for photos. I had picked up some of the Post-It note photo cards in a 4x8 size a couple of years ago on clearance. Not bad for 20 cards with envelopes. They also have double-adhesive post-it strips on the back so receipients can peel them off and stick them wherever - if they're those type of people.

These card kits also come with software, but it was a little too restrictive for me. I ended up finding another software by Hallmark that had the 4x8 printing structure - sometimes hard to find, but I always check for. I was able to score the software on a serious clearance at a Ross' in NC over the summer. I scoured the internet saving any image that I liked that I thought I could possibly use for the background of the card. I also didn't want something that took away from the photos especially knowing I was going to have to cram four of them on there. Admittedly, I did hit some snags and learned to print off in grayscale and on plain paper before loading up the good stuff. Every software and printer has some quirks!

It ended up being one of the more popular cards that I've sent out. The greatest thing was only having to print off the amount of cards I needed and then I could zip off one more when I suddenly remembered someone else. For those that I didn't have mailing addresses on, I had created an electronic card that I simply emailed off or posted like this! Update: Just recently scored some more 20-packs of the cards and envelopes for $1.00! I went back to the store a week or two later and they'd already sold out of them. Great sale!

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