Monday, February 23, 2009

Candy Bar Wrapper - Mice with candy bar & heart design

They're actually phasing out the old paper covered foil wrappers on candy bars and going to an all plastic material so you don't have the two wrappers. Guessing it's cheaper for them to produce this way, but for those that rewrap bars like this, it could be a problem. I was able to find one of the few in the store that still had foil, but had to go up to the 4.4 oz bar instead of the 1.55 oz. - like that's a problem! Even the 4.4 oz bars are going to the one-wrapper system though. Oddly, some are going with a retro design on the new wrappers! The paper is actually shiny like the paper candy bar wrappers - got lucky to already have it in my stash.

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